Dunham's Athleisure Corporation is an Equal Opportunity and At Will employer. Dunham's reserves the right to drug test. EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION The completion of this application is an important step

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All right I've been recruiting 10 years so I know about the old job search and I know about today's job search and I want to talk to you a little bit about it because you need to understand it's not about you okay so in the old job search you'd apply to 1520 jobs you'd go to three or four interviews and you'd get one or two offers you'd take a job and it would all be over with right in this job search fix your resume you apply to about 50 jobs maybe more and the most you get back are the Dear John letters from the companies telling you that they'll let you know when they're ready to move forward okay and you understand that for you to get the job you have to get the interview so that means you have to do something different in this job search and I think that means you have to go directly to hiring managers and approach them directly because with so many people in the job search there's tons of people applying for all the jobs that are online and that you see so when you see that job a thousand other people of Sealand and I've applied that so unless you're perfect for that job you're never going to get a call but if you go directly to the hiring manager who's not seeing all those resumes by the way Human Resources does not share all those resumes with the hiring manager they only see the ones that come through sort of the screen that they have which is look for these key sales words these key product words these titles if you see any of these send that resume to the hiring manager so they don't see out of a thousand applications the hiring manager may only see ten 15 of those so if you approach them directly in a very professional persistent and you communicate to them what you have to offer to them that's a unique message that they don't get very often so I really want to encourage you in this job search to approach it differently go directly to the hiring manager skip HR let them know what you can do for them and remember this is another piece of this job search it's not like the old job search so you can't just go directly to 15 or 20 hiring managers I want to encourage you to touch fifty a hundred one hundred and fifty hiring managers because someone out there has a great job for you and you just need to find them and oh by the way with this economy I want to remind you one more thing you don't need 10 great jobs you don't need the economy to completely turn around you need one really good job that's all you need so get out there get on LinkedIn get on Facebook however you have to do it find those hiring managers and communicate with them directly and communicate with enough of them and you'll find pretty quickly that you'll have a great job I want to hear about your successes good luck